The Best Financial Tools Currently

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Managing your finances can be overwhelming, but I’m here to share some of my favorite tools and products that have made it easier for me. These resources have helped me achieve greater financial stability and success.

Financial Tools: There are included alternatives that may suit your needs better, so you can find the right tools to fit your financial goals. By incorporating these tools into your financial strategy, you can fast-track your financial growth and enjoy the benefits of greater financial stability.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW – as I have gotten older I defiantly like passive income and passive investing. You will see the tools below fit within that point of view in mind. With gratitude and financial stability vibes, Conrad.

– Start Off With This Emergency Fund 101 If You Are Brand New –

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Financial Tools

Popular Calculator Tools


Read about the best stock brokers if you want to see more.

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Best For Beginners
Best Big Broker
Best For Beginners
Best Big Broker

Real Estate Investing

See more about best real estate tools and syndications here.

Passive Real Estate Investing

Groundfloor is a wealthtech platform that allows everyone to build wealth through real estate. Groundfloor allows individuals to create their own, customized portfolios of individual real estate investments based on their personal investment and risk criteria, starting with a minimum investment of only $10. Investments carry risk and may lose value.

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Traditional Retirement Tools and Options

These are some pretty col tools that can help you maximize your retirement assets.


Max out your benefits. Keep more money in your pocket. Profit share to pay your balance. Lendtable replaces the income you contribute to your 401(k) or ESPP, so you can keep your monthly income the same while taking advantage of your match policies.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Personal Finance Software

Need to see even more personal finance software, I wrote a longer list you can check out.